College Students Self Storage

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While being away from home for a while at school, students will have less and less space over time from overpacking, new clothes, new extracurricular activities, etc. Students who share a dorm room will have less space than they do at home. Renting a storage unit means that students can store items nearby instead of leaving them hours away at home and using a bunch of gas, miles, & time to make those trips.

At the end of the semester, when students move out of their dorms, use a storage unit so the ride home isn’t tight and cramped with all your dorm room items, and your stuff will already be in town for the next school year. Storage is a great place to store old textbooks and bikes.

Placing your car in a storage unit can save you money on buying a parking permit, and it’ll protect your vehicle from being broken into or towed. Keeping your items in storage will make post-graduation less stressful while finding an apartment to move into.

A unit will keep your house neat from all your extra stuff. Someone could tamper with your items in the dorm, so using a self-storage will save you from having to buy a box with a lock.

When the weather changes, you can swap between seasons of clothes from your unit. Luckily at Tellus Self Storage Hattiesburg, located in Hattiesburg, MS 39402, our units can accommodate household furniture, office equipment, books, medical supplies, construction material, and even vehicles, such as boats, cars, and RVs. We even offer a free move-in truck for first-time renters.

We also offer online bill payment, packing supplies, drive-up access, and other amenities. We’re in a great location that serves Petal, Rawl Springs, Glendale, Purvis, Sumrall, & Oak Grove Communities. See us today for a great semester!