Storing Important Documents

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Storing Important Documents

Whether it’s for a business or you need a place to keep important information such as tax work and birth certificates. A storage unit is a secure and organized place for your documents. Storage units provide excellent security for your stuff as well.

  • Organization
    Determine what you want to and keep and why
    Some documents could contain important information such as social security numbers and addresses. So, it would be best if you didn’t throw them away because someone can find these documents in a landfill.
    For a business, you could store crucial old documents in storage to make room for the new paperwork in your workspace.
    Using labels, dividers, and folders are fantastic tools for separating and organizing paperwork.
    Shred unimportant paperwork to free up additional space at work
    Depending on the size of your unit, it might be more significant than the space in which you would store your files in your house or business office.
  • Security
    A climate-controlled unit helps keep documentation safe from blazing hot summers and frosty cold winters since the paper is so fragile.
    A storage unit would fare better against bad weather than an office
    A storage unit is more secure than your office.
    Depending on what kind of lock you use, you can also give an employee access to the unit. You could provide them with the combination PIN for a combination lock, a key for disc locks, padlocks, and cylinder locks, and a company phone with a Bluetooth app for a Bluetooth lock.
    Security cameras and an electronic gate also beef up your files’ security.
    At Tellus Self Storage Forney Commercial & Recreational Storage, we provide an excellent environment for you to store your documents for years to come. Come on down and start storing your belongings today.


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