Picking the Right Storage Lock

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Picking the Right Storage Lock

Now that you have your storage unit, you’ll need to buy a lock to secure it. There are a variety of locks to choose from with different methods of opening them, which is I’m here to help you pick the right lock.

  • Cylinder Locks
    • These locks are like what you would use on a door.
    • This lock is housed inside the storage unit, and it has no bars to cut, so this lock is a very secure option.
  • Padlocks
    • These locks open with a four-pin combination
    • Some padlocks have the option to use a key
    • Most padlocks have bars made of thin light metal that are easy to cut
    • You get what you pay for when it comes to the quality of the lock
  • Disc Locks
    • Round disc-like locks that are harder to cut than padlocks due to the shackle being covered by the lock body
    • Disc locks are generally made of more robust material than padlocks
    • The lock is cuttable, but the hasp makes it difficult to force open
    • Some disc locks don’t work on particular unit doors
    • Some locks come with combinations or keys
  • Bluetooth
    • Welcome to 2022, where Bluetooth locks are now a thing
    • These locks controlled via smartphone
    • These locks are easily cuttable with a bolt cutter
    • Some Bluetooth locks are more secure than disc locks
    • You can monitor your lock remotely from an app
  • Keyless
    • This lock is similar to a keyless push-start car
    • Your lock might not work if the electricity is out
    • You can give others access to your unit without a key

The more you pay for the lock, the better it will be. Disc and Cylinder locks are going to be your safest bet for security. Secure your storage today with Tellus Self Storage Lake City.


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