Valentine’s Day Storage

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This time of year can sometimes be unpredictable, especially regarding gifts. You might get something small that takes up zero space or something large like a giant teddy bear. Regardless these Valentine’s gifts can take up space in your residence, and you’ll have a place to put them after the holiday is over. You also don’t want to scare away your date with a cluttered house which is why a storage unit is an excellent option for Valentine’s Day.

For those who are gift-giving to the person they live with, consider a storage unit a great place to hide your gift, especially if it’s an enormous gift.

If you’re above and beyond with the décor this year, you can use a storage unit to hide some fancy decorations for your special dinner. You’ll be able to access your storage unit anytime, which might not be the case for your house.

Valentine’s pictures can be best kept safe in a storage unit by placing the photos in a plastic or water-resistant box.

A storage unit could even make for a great Valentine’s Day gift by giving your partner the gift of more space and decluttering. Aside from decluttering, a storage unit is an excellent asset for redecorating your home.

On our website at, you can use our storage calculator to help you decide which size storage unit you should rent.

You could even store away any of your ex’s items to prevent an awkward situation.

For those looking to move in together, you can save excess furniture and other items by storing them in storage.

To ensure that these lovely gifts or replaced items stay in their exact condition, it’s best to use a self-storage unit with Tellus Self Storage Abita Mini.


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