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2020 was rough, let’s create a fresh start for 2021. It might be the end of January but it is never too late to clean and declutter. Tellus Self Storage Golden Eagle in Hattiesburg Mississippi offers a wide variety of storage options sure to suit any and all of your decluttering and cleaning needs.

Why use a storage unit to clean and declutter?

  1. Our storage units are month-to-month with no long-term contracts. This means you can get storage for a month, do a deep clean then leave. All we ask is that you give us two weeks’ move-out notice, preferably via email.
  2. A storage unit allows you to completely remove items from your home so you can get down into the baseboards for a nice deep thorough clean without having to move items from room to room. This is especially helpful if you are going to repaint or refinish your floors.
  3. Free Move-In truck with select storage unit sizes. Yes, you read that correctly. Renting certain sizes of storage units allows you to use our Free Move-In truck, subject to availability so be sure to inquire about this promotion when you call us.

Pros to cleaning and decluttering

  • Doing a deep clean at least twice a year will help prevent bugs and other pests in and around your home.
  • While cleaning you may come across items you’ve forgotten about. Being able to locate treasures you already own will surely help improve your outlook.
  • Donate, Keep, Sell, or Gift! Just a few suggestions on what to do with your newly acquired but previously owned items.
  • Altering your perspective on life. Going over your belongings allows you to see what you have, and what you can be thankful for.
  • Opportunity to organize. While you are cleaning you can reorganize or start to organize.

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Tellus Self Storage Golden Eagle, self storage facility in Hattiesburg is located next to Mack Grubbs Hyundai on Highway 98 West in Hattiesburg. Our Facility offers Climate Control Storage, Non-Climate control storage, Enclosed Boat, RV, Commercial Extra large storage units, and uncovered parking.

Phone: 601.228.0191

Location: 6497 Hwy 98 West, HattiesburgMS 39402