How to Safely Store Video Games

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When new games and consoles are released, you probably run out of space for the old ones that you don’t play anymore. Older games increase in value over time, especially when they’re hard to find. Instead of selling your retro games at your local game store, keep them in storage at any Tellus Self Storage location. You should know some things to keep your games safe in storage, though.

Climate control – A climate-controlled unit is necessary to keep your game consoles and disks from getting damaged by the heat.

Cases – make sure the disks are in their cases to prevent scratches that would make the game unplayable.

Cartridges – clean the dust out of them by blowing on the cartridges to maintain longevity. Check-in occasionally to ensure that your games aren’t dusty or damaged

Bins – Place your games in a container, preferably an airtight container. Label your bins if you’re using multiple to store games in. If you don’t have the game’s original case, use small plastic closable containers to place cartridges in and a cd case wallet for discs.

Cords – Keep your cords with their intended device in the same box. Place the tape on the wrapped-up cords and place them in a zip-lock bag.

Plastic drawers – If you don’t have any bins, you can use a small plastic drawer set.

Wrapping – Wrap consoles and accessories in plastic to protect games from dust and debris.

Gaming PCs –

  • Backup all data to be safe
  • Disconnect all cables from the computer (USB, mouses, keyboard, monitor, gamepad, network cables, wireless adapters, external hard drive, etc.)

Batteries – For handheld gaming devices and controllers with removable batteries, take them out to prevent leaking and degrading.

If you ever need games placed in storage, Tellus Self Storage is just the place you’re looking for to play on.