How to Store Halloween Costumes

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With the spookiest day of the year on the horizon, you’ll need a place to store your costumes for years to come. Costumes can be made with all kinds of materials and fabrics. Since your outfits could be expensive or delicate, a climate-controlled unit could be necessary to uphold the costume’s material. Speaking of climate-controlled units, Tellus Self Storage has just what you’re looking for in a climate-controlled unit. Today we’re going to learn about storing your costume in storage. Also, this process is suitable for storing other holiday and event costumes such as Mardi Gras, theatrical performances, and cosplays.

  • Preparation
    • If the costume is made with polyester, acrylic, or cotton, you can wash the costume in a washing machine. Make sure that you’re using the delicate cycle when washing.
    • Wash your wigs with shampoo and conditioner that’s made for wigs. Next, let the wig air dry on a towel. Finally, fold the wig and place it into a hairnet.
    • Buy some cardboard boxes or plastic containers to put your costume in to store your costume in storage.
    • Make sure makeup and fake blood are tightly secured in their containers to prevent spillage. Keep your makeup and fake blood separate from your costumes just in case it spills over.
    • Use labels to identify the costumes quickly.
    • You might not have to store your child’s costume because kids like to play with it, and the costume is small enough not to take up much space in the closet.


  • Storing
    • Set the temperature between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit
    • with your climate-controlled storage unit.
    • To simplify, store everyone’s costumes in their own box/container.
    • Keep the boxes easily accessible if you plan to wear your costume multiple times a year.

Tellus Self Storage Letson Farms has an excellent choice for residents of Hoover, Brookwood, Adger, and other surrounding areas to keep their costumes safe for years to come.