Mattress Storage

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Storing your mattress when moving is crucial since you’ll need something to sleep on when you’re finished moving into your new home. Improper care of your mattress can lead to it being damaged or containing harmful bacteria, which it should have if it’s already been used from dust, sweat, and dirt. Here are some tips on storing your mattresses to ensure that you or your guests have a quality slumber.

  1. Cleaning – Arguably, the most critical step in maintaining the quality of your mattress.
    1. Remove the mattress, box spring, and all the bedding before starting the cleaning process.
    2. Apply upholstery cleaner on the mattress and give it time to dry by taking it outside.
    3. Put baking soda on the mattress and wait until it dries before vacuuming.
    4. Flip over the mattress and repeat all these steps.
  2. Wrapping
    1. Secure the mattress by wrapping it with light, thin packing tape so the moisture isn’t trapped. You can also use duct tape or a mattress cover if you don’t have packing tape.
    2. You must air out your mattress occasionally if you’re storing it long-term.
  3. Transporting
    1. A mattress could be damaged on the back of a truck or top of a car. To ensure the quality of your mattress, take advantage of Tellus Self Storage’s free moving truck that comes with a storage unit that’s 10×10 or larger.
    2. Cover the mattress with blankets or sheets for extra protection.
  4. Storing
    1. A climate-controlled storage unit is the best choice for keeping your mattress safe from unpredictable weather conditions and moisture. Climate-controlled storages also have the best air quality for your mattress.
    2. Lay your mattress flat, so the cushion isn’t destroyed.
    3. Please don’t put your mattress on the ground, as it can make it harder for it to get airflow from all angles. A pallet would be an excellent choice of platform for your mattress.
    4. Be sure not to place anything on top of your mattress as well.

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