Moving Furniture

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Moving can be stressful, and moving large furniture can be a hassle. With all the work you put into buying your couches, beds, tables, and chairs, you will want to protect them from getting damaged while in transit so that you don’t have to replace them later on. Moving your furniture safely and finding an appropriate storage unit is also an issue. Here are some suggestions for moving your furniture.

  • Measure the furniture before choosing the size of your storage unit so that it fits.
  • Only keep the furniture that you plan on using.
  • Any furniture you don’t want can be placed at the end of your driveway in case your neighbors wish to have it.
  • If you want any unwanted furniture gone immediately, if it can fit in your car, you can take it to a Goodwill and donate it.
  • Take advantage of Tellus Self Storage’s free moving truck with a 10×10 or larger storage unit at select locations.
  • There are select Tellus Self Storage locations that have drive-up accessible units, which makes moving much more straightforward.
  • A climate-controlled unit might not be necessary depending on your city’s weather and how long you store your furniture. A climate-controlled unit is suitable for preserving wooden furniture.
  • Disassemble chairs, dressers, tables, beds, and desks if possible.
  • You shouldn’t move couches, tables, or dressers by yourself, so be sure to ask for help or hire some movers.
  • Wrapping your furniture with blankets, bubble wrap, or plastic wrap to prevent scratches.
  • Clean your furniture from dust and debris when you’re done moving it.
  • When moving stuff out of a storage unit at Tellus Self Storage, feel free to use our handcarts and dollies for a smooth moving experience.

Moving isn’t usually pleasant, so why not make it more enjoyable by taking advantage of the features of Tellus Self Storage?