Property Feature: Tellus Self Storage Laurel

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Are you in the Laurel MS area? If so, you should consider checking out Tellus Self Storage Laurel. 

Self Storage Laurel


Tellus Self Storage Laurel is an all non-climate self storage facility. This means all of our storage units are non-climate. Perfect for storing tools, outdoor equipment or other items you might store in your garage. Our Laurel self storage facility has 103 non-climate self storage units in a variety of sizes sure to fit any and all of your self storage needs. One unique thing about this facility is that it also includes 10 retail spaces with various businesses in 3 different buildings. Here are a few of the businesses that rent with us:

This facility has been here roughly around 20 years, which means we’ve been a constant fixture in the community. Our Laurel self storage facility is conveniently located less than 1 mile from the city limits. Easy to access if you’re coming into town or headed out. We are directly next door to Normandy Manor Apartments and less than 3 miles from University Commons, Shadow Wood Apartments, Laurel Wood and North Gate Apartments.

Perfect for anyone with outdoor gear in need of a place to be stored. Apartment living provides limited space, we can be that extra closet, garage or shed to help make your life easier while also letting you have all the things your heart desires.

Self Storage Laurel MS

If you find yourself in need of extra storage whether temporarily or long term, please consider storing at Tellus Self Storage Laurel. Our Property Manager is wonderful, here’s an  introduction to her:

Who is Kristy Sistrunk?

Our Reservation center is open 7 days a week (aside holidays) so feel free to call us anytime. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible if by some off chance you have to leave a message. We look forward to talking to you!


Laurel, MS 39440