Are you ready for the new Facebook Timeline?

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Now that Facebook’s Timeline is available to all users worldwide, people have started getting really creative with how they share their favorite images in their profiles. The cover image, just like a magazine cover, speaks about who you are and what you do as a business.


To get started you have a few options, you can use a website like SiteCanvas to create a photo collage, and there are over 20 different templates to choose from. The down side is you can’t  reposition images, or even manually select the images so it might take a while until you get a header that you like.

MyFacebook Covers

MyFBCovers is another great service that lets you design your own cover, but rather than just put it on your own profile, you can also share it with your friends and the rest of the community. MyFBCovers lets you upload a photo from your computer, scale and position it, and even add a few effects to your image.

Do it yourself

With a good photo editing program, you can put together a great looking cover and personalize it yourself. You can add any sort of text to the image – your company slogan, logos or even a list of your social network usernames.

Your image should be 850 x 315 pixels if you want it to fit perfectly. Facebook will only allow you to reposition the Cover image if you upload a larger image. For most large images, this will work more like moving the image ‘up and down’ till you get all the area of your interest in the fixed size of 850×315. Then you can save your Facebook Cover.

To see how other’s are getting creative with the new Timeline layout check out this great (and creative) list of Facebook Timeline Cover Ideas.

So have fun expressing your ideas or business in a new and creative way! What do you think? And feel free to post URLs to your Timeline in the comments.