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Most of our Tellus Self Storage locations require the use of disc locks. There is a reason for this, let’s explore it now. 

Disc Locks, what are they?

Self Storage disk lock

The image above shows a disc lock. This type of lock is circular in shape and works with a key, they do come with different options like a number combination or alpha numericals.

Benefits of Disc Locks.

  • Developed specifically for the self storage industry.
  • Hard to open using standard lock-picking techniques.
  • Design is highly resistant to bolt cutters.
  • Difficult to break apart with a hammer.
  • Rust-free steel design.
  • Standard key or combination-style versions available.

Why this type of lock

At Tellus Self Storage we strive to ensure that all of our tenants have a pleasant self storage experience. As part of this we like to recommend and in some locations require the use of these types of locks as a deterrent for potential issues.

Where to purchase disc locks.

Standard disc locks can be purchased online via sites like Amazon or from one of our Tellus Self Storage locations, be sure to check with the Property Manager or Reservation Specialist of the availability of these locks on-site.

Unlike the key’d disc locks this is a combination lock that can also be purchased via sites like Amazon. You might also be able to find these from your local big box retailer.

The third option for this particular type of lock is a word combination, again these can be purchased from Amazon.

No matter where you get your lock from, the reason why we encourage this type of lock is simply for your piece of mind. If you have any additional questions about this lock, where to purchase it or how it works please be sure to ask your Property Manager, the Storage Expert is there to answer your questions and help you with your self storage experience.

This helpful self storage tip was brought to you by our Tellus Self Storage Laurel location in beautiful Laurel Mississippi.

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