5 Steps to Pest Proofing your Self Storage Unit

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How do you Pest Proof your Self Storage Unit?

First things first let us identify the problem and then discuss several routes that you can take to prevent pests from taking up residence in your self storage unit.   

Self Storage Pest Prevention

Pest Problem:

Unwanted guests in the form of creepy crawlies find their way into a storage unit. In an ideal world this would never happen. Even the best of self storage facilities at one time or another have had a pest problem. No one is exempt from these small, sneaky, pesky problems. So what can you ( as the tenant ) do to prevent pests in your self storage unit?

Pest Prevention Methods:

Let us take an in-depth look at 5 things that you can do to help prevent pests in your storage unit. These are easy to do items, that don’t require any chemicals, which is nice for your own personal health.

No Food Allowed

When storing Kitchen items be sure that all pans, pots, forks, plates, utensils, and the like are properly cleaned. Additionally completely clean any refrigerators, microwaves, toasters or items that might have a hint of food, in or around them.

With this in mind, it is also a very good idea to completely clean couches, loveseats, chairs, any sort of cushions really. You might not be able to smell any leftover crumbs but you can bet the pests out there will sniff it out like a bloodhound.

Still not convinced that you need to clean your items before storing them: Pest Control – Cleaning covers this topic a bit more in-depth.

Elevate Items

Consider using pallets to lift your items up off the ground. This will help prevent pests from hiding underneath items.

Furniture Covers & Wrappings

A $20 mattress cover could save you hundreds on a new mattress. Along the same lines as cleaning any kitchen items, you’ll want to make sure any furniture that you cover or wrap is clean. Not to mention a layer of plastic in between pests and delicious fabric can make a world of difference.

Smells Pests Hate

Three smells pests hate: Peppermint oil, Lavender Oil, and Cedar Blocks. If possible incorporate these anti-pest smells into your storage unit. Soaking cotton balls with the essential oils and leaving them around the edge of your storage unit is a great way to keep pests out as well as ensure your items don’t smell too musky after being stored for an extended period of time. Of course, you will have to refresh the smell once a month or so. If you’d like to read more about smells and Pest Control check out this similar article: Pest Control – Smells 

Proper Packing Materials

While used boxes are usually cheap (or free) they can cause many problems. Especially boxes that once housed food items. Consider using plastic totes for your packing needs, not only to these stack nicely you’ve also created an additional layer of protection for your belongings.

Not sure if you need a box or tote? Check out Pest Control- Storage Boxes & Plastic Totes