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Did someone say Self Storage Special?

Four of our Tellus Self Storage Hattiesburg locations are having a Self Storage Special on 10’x10′ climate controlled storage units.
Continue reading to learn more about this amazing deal.

College students go home for the summer, why not utilize self storage to help alleviate some of that end of school year stress? At Tellus Self Storage we offer an annual Student Summer Storage Special. This special is for our Climate Control storage units. Not sure what climate controlled storage is? Let us explore this a little deeper.


Climate Control storage ( or Climate Controlled Storage) is basically the same as storing in your your own home. Climate control offers temperature regulation in your storage unit. Climate Control helps prevent mold while your items are in storage, coupled with carpet dust and dirt are also kept at bay. Not to say they won’t appear, but the effects are minimized. When picking the right type of storage unit, it is important to consider the contents you are storing. For items such as clothing, photographs, and furniture we suggest climate control, proper packing and furniture covers. To learn more about packing tips check out this helpful article: Self Storage Unit Preparation

Still not sure if you should take advantage of this wonderful Summer Storage Special? What if we were to also offer you the use of our Free Move-in truck?


One of the most exciting things that we offer at Tellus Self Storage Hattiesburg is the use of our Free Move-in truck. This is a truck that is free for you to use while moving into our storage facility.

Ready to take the next step? Call or visit one of the four self storage facilities listed below. Or give us a call anytime via our 800 number: 1-800-773-6691. We have a real-life Reservation Center with actual humans, open 7 days a week. So feel free to call anytime, we will return your call.

Tellus Self Storage Special: Tellus Self Storage Oak Grove

Self Storage Special Oak Grove

Address: 2002A Oak Grove Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Phone: 601.391.6819

Tellus Self Storage Special: Tellus Self Storage McInnis

self storage special mcinnis

Address: 1602 South 28th Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Phone: 601.391.6284

Tellus Self Storage Special: Tellus Self Storage Golden Eagle & Tellus Self Storage Special: Tellus Self Storage Hattiesburg

Self Storage special Golden Eagle

These two wonderful Tellus Self Storage locations share an office, you’ll want to go over to Tellus Self Storage Golden Eagle’s main location:

Address: 6497 Hwy 98 West, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Phone: 601.228.0191