Shelving for Storage Unit – Something to consider

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Have you considered the pros and cons of having shelving in your storage unit? Let’s discuss this. 

Shelving in your storage unit, should you have some?

When you think about putting your items into storage, do you also consider shelves? We feel like shelving can be an important, and often overlooked perk of utilizing a storage unit for your belongings.

Storage shelving

Why is shelving necessary for my storage unit?

Pros of Shelving in your storage unit

  • Organization at a glance: By adding shelving, you can quickly and effortlessly sort your small items as well as fragile items. You are keeping them off the ground and away from the possibility of toppling.
  • Awkward or irregularly shaped items can find a home on the shelves without the use of creative stacking or Tetris like skills.
  • Create more vertical space in your storage unit with the addition of shelves. A lot of people don’t consider storing vertically, but they really should. With the addition of shelving in your storage unit, you can stack items without having to balance them and hope boxes don’t settle and cave. One thing to be mindful of is keeping space around the exterior of your storage unit. Leaving space around the walls of your storage unit allows for proper airflow. A six to twelve-inch gap should do the trick nicely.

Cons of Shelving in your storage unit

  • One more item(s) to assemble or move, which may lead to unforeseen difficulties. Adding shelving might be viewed as a setback, especially if you are on a time constraint. Having to assemble then load shelves takes time. Do you have the time to spare?
  • Finding shelving that fits your storage unit as well as the needs might result in spending money you didn’t plan. Depending on your budget, adding shelving (especially if this would be a new purchase) simply isn’t a feasible option.

It’s your storage unit, do what you feel works for you.

While our opinion is just that an idea, ultimately, it is up to you to decide the best course of action for your belongings while in storage, be sure to check out additional tips, tricks, and suggestions on our social media accounts.

Shelving for Storage, is it right for you?

Share your thoughts with us, to shelve or not to shelve that is the question.