Storage for your Growing Family

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Have you considered expanding your family? If so, you should also consider self storage. Here are 3 reasons you should consider self storage for your growing family.


Your Family

Sometimes life gets in the way of our perfect plans. If you’re suddenly in a position of an expanded family maybe you should consider self storage. Storage allows you to retain your identity, from the before times. Do you really want to end up with a closet full of dad shirts, mom dresses and broken dishes? No, you don’t want that. You don’t mind change, you might even embrace it, but you will need to make some adjustments to how you handle your belongings.

Accidents happen, and you try not to cry.

If you’ve ever broken anything you can relate to this. When you were little your parents probably tried to tell you to put things up so they don’t get lost or broken and we’re sure that if you’re completely honest with yourself you’ve not listened a time or two and regretted it. Self Storage when expecting can help prevent some could’ve / should’ve/ but didn’t moments.

Space is limited- create more.

Cleaning out the closet, packing up the garage, moving things into storage that aren’t quite fit for a brand new baby is definitely a good idea. This prevents you from having a liquidation sale of items you don’t actually want to get rid of. Pack it up now so you’ll have it later.

Time for a change – but not for letting go.

We all have items we want to treasure and revisit to relive the feelings they bring us. Some of these items might not be suitable for babies, they might be extremely breakable or of questionable design. Packing them away and waiting for the day when you and you entire family can enjoy these items is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, who knows when the next time platform shoes will come back. You might also be sitting on a small gold mine in a few years. Retro is always very in.