Storage Unit Tips: Boxes VS Plastic Tubs

Categories: Self-Storage

You’re ready to pack up and head over to your storage unit. What next? Next,, you take the time to determine what type of storage container you’ll need.

While packing can be stressful, it is a good idea to put some extra thought into the storage vessel. Ask yourself these three questions:

1 – How long am I planning on storing this?

Long term VS. Short term storage can play a huge role in protecting your items. Having a rough estimate of the storage term allows you to determine the best type of storage solution.

2 – Will I need to take extra precautions when packing, is this an easily breakable item?

Books, Tea Cups, DVDs, Furniture and clothes are all made up of different materials. They have different requirements for storage and you wouldn’t want to pack a box with both tea cups and books in it. That’s simply a recipe for disaster.

3 – When was the last time I cleaned this?

Cleaning items before placing them in storage is highly recommended. While this might take a little longer think of how much harder it will be to clean after being removed from storage. Items that should always be cleaned before going into storage: Refrigerators, couches, dishes, anything and everything that is kept in your kitchen.

Start with our list and add your own requirements to see which type of container is best for your unique storage needs.

Be sure to be mindful of your unique items. Specialty storage boxes do exist like for photographs or shoes. Group your items by what type of box or tote they will need. This will help you pack quickly once all the supplies are assembled.

Pros of Cardboard Boxes:

Easy to label, Easy to obtain and dispose of. Easy to stack.

Cons of Cardboard Boxes:

Over time they sag and deteriorate. Absorbent. If packed with too many heavy items they break. 

Pros of Plastic Tubs:

Easy to stack, Locking lids, watertight. 

Cons of Plastic Tubs:

Plastic might not be strong enough ( for heavy items like books), hard to label.