Storage Unit Totes

Here are some suggestions for totes and how to use them for your storage unit.

Clear Totes

One thing that might help you in the packing process is the use of clear totes. These allow you to see the contents at a glance and help eliminate the need for labels. Of course this is just a suggestion, and you should use your best judgement when it comes to what vessel to store your items in.

31.75 Quart Clear Storage Bins 55 Quart containers 64 Quart Clear Storage Totes
These are easy to stack and have a locking lid. Handles like these might make it a little more cumbersome to stack but it is still very much doable. Locking lids, with a smoother edge for neat stacks that are easy to identify their contents.

Colored or Opaque Totes

27 Gallon Utility Tough Tote 30 Gallon Latching Tuff Tote 40 Gallon Wheeled Industrial Tote 56 Quart Tote Tub
Perfect for outdoor gear, tools, or camping equipment. Easy to stack, and uniform. This tote has wheels, this might be a good idea for a heaver tote.  This might be a little harder to stack, but you can also keep the tote once you’ve moved out of storage.

We hope this helps!