Storages for Apartments

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Apartments can not only be expensive but small as well. If you’re downsizing from a house into an apartment, you’ll find that you don’t have enough room for all of you in your new home. With all the money you’re paying for your apartment, you should get your money’s worth. You might not even have a place to keep your bike, boat, or RV in your apartment complex. Rent a storage unit to compensate for these issues instead of selling or giving your stuff away.

A storage unit can be used to store almost anything (except plants, animals, humans, propane, weapons, flammables, toxic waste, biological waste, commercial cleaners, explosives, fireworks, fertilizers, corrosives, acid grease, ammunition, asbestos products, narcotics, hazardous products, motor oil, kerosene lamps, gasoline, or perishables.)

If you’re operating an e-commerce business and don’t have room for inventory in your apartment, a storage unit is a great place to keep your stock. Our climate-controlled units, gated facility, and video surveillance will help keep your business safe.

Clearing up space with a storage unit will allow more guests and possibly a guest room.

Sometimes, a storage unit will be cheaper than getting a bigger apartment, so save some money in the long haul with a storage unit.

There are a variety of storage unit sizes that will fit your needs. Our smallest units will be the size of a walk-in closet, while our biggest units will be big enough to fit your cars, boats, and RVs.

If you don’t plan to stay in your apartment for over a year, then a storage unit will make moving a lot easier, especially with our free moving truck that comes with unit rentals that are 10×10 or larger.

Overall storage is the solution for making the most out of your apartment, so come by the nearest Tellus Self Storage location and start storing today!


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