Moving Gym Equipment

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One popular new year’s resolution is to start working out. The recent trend of having your own home gym started not too long ago. Having your gym right in your house will make it harder for you to make excuses from working out. Working out from home will also save you the monthly expense of paying for your gym membership. Whether you’re in between moving homes or looking to start building a home gym, you’ll need to put your exercise equipment in the meantime, and a storage unit is a good place for that.

Starting with light items like weight belts, yoga mats, & wrist straps will give you an idea of where to start. The equipment can be heavy to move, so be on the safe side by asking someone for help or hiring a moving company. Some pieces of equipment are removable, which can help make transporting the large item easier. Treadmills can’t fit through some doors, so try disconnecting any removable parts. You might need a screwdriver for this. Also, make sure that the incline is down. Taking a picture of the equipment before disassembling it can make it easier to put it back together safely. Use Ziplock bags to store screws and bolts. Wrap the equipment’s cord around a piece of the equipment.

Dumbbells can be wrapped in a moving blanket since they could be too big for a regular box or container.

If you want a boxing bag in your home gym, a freestanding bag is easier to move, and you don’t have to install anything into your walls to hold the bag.

Storage units are great for personal use and an excellent place for businesses such as gyms/fitness centers to hold their inventory.

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