Storing Sporting Goods

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For those of you who hung up your cleats for the offseason during Winter, if you don’t have a garage or anywhere suitable to keep your equipment, instead of cluttering your closet, how about a storage unit? Depending on your city’s climate, sporting equipment can go bad in a regular storage unit. Climate-controlled units should help preserve the material of your equipment. Sports equipment can be expensive, so you’ll want to take good care of it to ensure high-quality games.

A laundry bag or trash can is an option for placing basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs. Plastic bins are suitable for placing mitts, jerseys, tennis balls, and boxing gloves.

Use a solution of mild soap and water to clean baseball bats and baseballs, and add baking soda when cleaning a football.

Use a leather-safe cleaner and glove conditioner to maintain your baseball mitt’s condition. A climate-controlled storage unit will help keep your glove from any damage.

Cleats and other athletic shoes can be stored in their original shoe box or in a container with a lid to protect them from being crushed.

Drying everything before putting it in storage should help prevent mildew, mold, and any other kind of damage to your sports gear.

Jerseys and uniforms are also classified as sporting goods. The wear and tear from playing can cause the fabric to be more torn than regular clothing. If you don’t have a way to hang your uniform, folding it in a clear bin is also an excellent option to prevent tears and wrinkles.

Deflate soccer balls and footballs if you’re going to store them long-term to protect the seams.

Organizing each bin by the type of sport will help make your time in the storage unit go by fast.

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