Summer means its time to get outside

Categories: Seasonal

Ready to have fun in the summer sun? We’ve got some tips for your storage unit while the weather heats up for summer.


Pack appropriately

When loading up your boxes, totes or crates be sure to take into consideration the integrity of the items you’re packing.  Just as it is not a good idea to place books on top of glass, you should ensure that your packing vessel is appropriate for its contents.

Labels Out

Always label your boxes, you don’t have to be literal but you should have some sort of identification system in place so you can easily sort and locate your items once they are all packed away.


Start with the end in mind, even if you’re about to pack up an entire house it is wise to start with one room or section at a time. This will help you plan out the layout of your storage unit as well as ensure everything is packed securely.

Sturdy Stacks

When placing items in your storage unit it is wise to have strong sturdy bases, especially for ‘towers’ of boxes. Also, do yourself a favor and create walkways so you can easily get to various items in your storage unit.

Now that the seriousness is over get out there and have some fun, summer won’t last forever!