A TELLUS Halloween – 2017

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Tellus Self Storage. We encourage all of our people to dress up and participate in our site-wide costume contest. Here are the folks who participated this year! We hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Kristy Sistrunk – Laurel
“Storage Clown”

Rachel Latil – A+ Waton
“Energizer Bunny”

Christine Watt – Letson
“Storage Nurse”

Alan Rust – St Pete
“St Pete Gorilla”

Jason Clemons – District Manager
“Identity Thief”

Ashley Baker – All About
“Ghoulish Nurse”

Lexi Littleton – Florence
“Candy Corn”

Barbara Hickman – Sims
3rd Place Winner (Tie with Jessika Dixon)

Forney Team – Chris, Crystal, Ronnie, and Richard
“Wizard Of Oz”
1st Place Winner

Kim Saulters – McDowell

Haley McCray – Oak Grove

April Desper – Northwood
“Rodeo Clown”

Dan Durocher – Denham
“Arms Dealer”

Curt Blankenship – Arlington
“District Manager”

Tanya Gatewood – Covington
“Wendy Torrance from the Shining”

Paula Hilley – Grayson
“Storage Quarterback”

Toni Anne Weaver – Golden Eagle
“Killer Clown in WP Dumpster”
2nd Place Winner

Chanda Hawthorne – Golden Eagle

Jessika Dixon – Walker
“Broken Doll”
3rd Place Winner (Tie with Barbara Hickman)

Tellus Home Office
Back Row: Dave Gordon, Marca Alexander, Matt Crawford, Julie Finch, Tim Menius
Middle Row: Rebecca Rostrup, Gina Gordon, Leslie Willsey, April Desper, Kerri Palmer
Front Row: Tori Patterson, Colin Bryant