Storing Your Theatre

Categories: Random Knowledge Share, Self-Storage

Are you running out of space in the prop closet? You may want a more secure place for your props and costumes. Well, the show must go on! Like many businesses, performing arts centers can also benefit from self-storage. You never know when you’ll need a piece for an upcoming production, so you should use a self-storage unit for your thespian needs. With the theatre industry thriving in Dallas, it wouldn’t hurt to have more space for sets, props, scripts, and costumes. Here are some things you should know when using a storage unit for a theatre.

  • Use a climate-controlled storage unit to help ensure that your stuff remains in its exact condition.
  • Clear plastic bins and labels will help you know what’s in each container instead of opening a cardboard box without knowing what’s inside.
  • Sorting by plays, genre, person, set, or material is an excellent way to make your storage visits fast and easy.
  • Clean and dry your items before storing them to prevent mildew and mold.
  • Stack the heavier items on the bottom, so you don’t have to move them as often.
  • Measure everything that you plan on storing so that you can get the appropriately sized storage unit
  • Breaking down your set pieces will give you more space in your unit.
  • Don’t forget to store your make-up as well.
  • Remember that you can’t store chemicals, fireworks, plants, asbestos products, kerosene lamps, household cleaners, or perishables.
  • Wrap bubble wrap or blankets around stage lights and audio equipment.

Those tips should help declutter your prop closet for the upcoming theatre season lineup. Tellus Self Storage facilities also offer video surveillance and 24-hour access to your unit. We even offer automatic payments as well as online payment options. You can store your performance items at Tellus Self Storage Hawn today!