What Size Storage Unit Will I Need?

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Attempting to determine what size storage unit you need can be baffling. We have a few insights that might help alleviate this.

The Question: What size storage will I need??

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This is a complicated question but at Tellus Self Storage Watson we understand and would like to help find the right storage solution for your unique storage needs. Our Property Manager was kind enough to write up an article for us on how best to determine your storage unit needs, she writes:

Let me start by saying its best to let the storage expert tell you what size will best fit your needs. But I’m going to tell you a little about each size just to help you understand the different sizes better. There are so many different size storage units, so I am going to tell you about the common size units that people use often.

First we have the 5X5 storage unit. This unit is 25 square foot, and 10 foot tall. This unit is great for storing your small things. If you have extra garage stuff like fishing poles, shovels, rakes, or maybe even Christmas or Thanksgiving decorations, this unit is perfect for that stuff. The 5X5 storage unit is great for a little extra storage space to free up your garage or shed.

Second we have the 5X10 storage unit. This unit is 50 square foot and also 10 foot tall. This unit is described like a walk in closet. It’s perfect for needing extra space to get ready for a garage sale or just to declutter your home. It will hold small furniture, stackable boxes, filing cabinets and much more.

Third we have our most common unit of all, it’s the 10X10 storage unit. This unit is 100 square foot and 10 foot tall. This unit will hold a one bedroom apartment. It will fit a bed, couch and entertainment center. Most people who are looking to sale their home will start out with a 10×10 unit to declutter their home and then once they sell their house they will upgrade to a bigger unit to fit their all of their belongings in. The 10×10 is our medium size storage unit.

Fourth we have the 10X15 storage unit. This storage unit is 150 square foot. This storage unit will hold up to a two bedroom home. Its not as common as our other storage units, but it is a great size if you want to be able to still get to your belongings without having to dig to deep.

Last we have our biggest size, the 10X20 storage unit. This storage unit is 200 square foot and 10 foot tall. This storage is the one you will need once you sell your whole house and need to put everything in storage. It will hold 3 or 4 bedroom home. This is the second most common unit that is rented. The 10×20 non-climate unit will hold a car or boat. It is also big enough to hold your stuff out of your garage or shed. It can eliminate having to get two units.

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