Why lease a storage unit in a climate-controlled facility?

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What are some perks or reasons that Climate-Control storage might be better suited to your self storage needs?

climate-controlled storage

Why you should lease a climate-controlled storage unit.

Climate-controlled means your items are protected from extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, and rain. These types of storage units are similar to storing in your own home. If you’re in the market to create more space you should consider getting a storage unit for season items, or while you transition. 

Who would benefit from climate-controlled self storage.

Some people need storage for a month or two because they are in between moving. For example, they have sold their house, yet haven’t found the one they want yet, so they move in with relatives or into an apartment temporarily. Another example is selling a huge home and downsizing into a smaller one. All huge home’s items will not go into smaller home. Some can’t afford to buy a storage building for their property for excess items now. Others just love the fact that they can store items in a climate-controlled unit that’s convenient and reasonably priced.

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Our facility is gate and door code secured with 24-hour access. Want to move items at 3am? No problem. The facility is well lit. Two doors lead into the main building, two doors down the side of the building past the gate, and four doors at the back of the building are for your convenience depending on where your unit is located. The side and back doors are always unlocked because they are gate secured. Carts and buggies are available for your move and they are located at the front of the facility, and they need to be returned once you’re done.

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