Winter Self Storage

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With Winter on the horizon, it’s time to store seasonal items such as Christmas trees, wreaths, lights, and linens to come out of storage. Meanwhile, it’s time to put away your fall and summer items, such as Halloween costumes, BBQ grills, pool gear, patio furniture, canoes, kayaks, gardening tools, beach equipment, camping gear, and other items. Cold frosty temperatures can be problematic for your fall and summer items, so that a storage unit can solve that problem. A climate-controlled unit would be preferable for these frigid months ahead to help ensure that your items won’t be damaged.


  • Organization is key to getting the most out of your storage unit. Measuring your items before storing them can help you decide on the appropriate storage unit size.
  • Clean and dry your items before storing them
  • Make a list of the items that you’re storing. Some of your stuff might need climate-controlled storage.
  • Put items such as electronics, vinyl records, wine, photos, art, furniture, lawn and gardening tools, makeup, leather seated bikes, household appliances, antiques, wax, medical equipment, sporting goods, clothes, and documents into climate-controlled storage to help ensure that they don’t get damaged from the temperature.
  • Using boxes or covers for your items will help protect them from dust.
  • Stack your boxes so that you have more room to store more stuff.
  • Label your boxes to save the time of opening them to know what’s inside.


  • Don’t store any food since it can mold and become rotten.
  • Don’t store firearms, chemicals, gasoline, propane tanks, kerosene lamps, motor oil, acid grease, corrosives, fertilizers, household or commercial cleaners, narcotics, hazardous, toxic, or biological waste, asbestos products, fireworks, explosives, or ammunition.
  • Living organisms can’t survive in a storage unit, so don’t keep any animals or plants in storage.

Make the most out of your storage by using some of these tips. Tellus Self Storage has just what you’re looking for in a quality storage this Winter.