Yard Sale vs. Storage Rental

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Yard Sale vs. Storage Rental

When cleaning up around the house, you’ll come across some things that are in the way. You have a couple of options to clean this mess, storage, yard sale, or the garbage. To make things easier, here’s a list of pros and cons for each option.

  • Yard Sale
    • Pros
      • You can make a profit from what you don’t want anymore
      • In a way, you’re giving back to your community
      • Clears space in your house
      • You can sell food and drinks on the side for extra revenue
      • You won’t have to worry about shipping, like Amazon or eBay
    • Cons
      • You might not be able to sell everything
      • You could get haggled for your items
      • eBay buyers could offer a better deal
      • If you don’t know the value of your items and you sell them at the wrong price
      • If you feel you made a mistake selling an item, you’ll have to negotiate to get it back.
      • In some towns, you’ll need a permit to have a yard sale
      • Facebook Marketplace is more convenient and gives you a boarder range of buyers.

A yard sale is a good option for selling your items. On the other hand, storage is an excellent option for keeping your things while decluttering your house. Here are some reasons why a storage unit is a great option.

  • Storage Unit
    • Great for keeping sentimental items
    • An excellent option for seasonal things, such as holiday decorations, school supplies, camping gear, or snow shovels
    • You can sell items from your storage online at anytime
    • It might be a better climate than your house

If anything, using a yard sale and storage unit together is the best way to clean your house. At Tellus Self Storage Forney, we have the space you need for you to succeed.