13 DIY Halloween Costumes Made From Cardboard Boxes

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Halloween is upon us, and everyone is looking for a great costume… either for their kiddies or for themselves so they can win the costume contest at the big party or just generally make folks say “wow!” While you can certainly go buy something ready-made at some big-box store, often the prize-winning costume with the most wow-factor is made from scratch. And, while it is certainly easier to go out and buy your children a ready-made costume, doing-it-yourself is a great way to engage your kids and help them get their creative juices flowing.

With those things in mind, we decided it would be a great idea to compile a list of great costume ideas found on the internet using a staple of the self-storage business… cardboard boxes! Yep, you can make awesome costumes using just cardboard boxes. Here are a few ideas to get you started (with links)…

For the Kiddies

Crayola Box:child-crayolas1

Get a cardboard box, some pool noodles of various colors, and print up some artwork on a large format printer, and you can put together an excellent Crayola crayon box costume. Find a little orange traffic cone, and you can even include a “pencil sharpener!” If you don’t have access to a large format printer, you can use this free poster printing software that will let you print huge posters using a standard color ink-jet printer.




child-lambLittle Lamb:

Ok, so this doesn’t use a cardboard box… but, you could easily substitute foam packing peanuts for cotton balls and get a superior result in our opinion. Of course, you can buy those packing peanuts at your local Tellus Self Storage facility. 😀




child-adult-popcornPopcorn Box:

We think this one would work for an adult as well as a child. All you need is a box or two, some red and white spray paint, some masking tape, and a couple of cans of the spray insulation foam to make the popcorn.  Grab a small, red bucket for a hat, and you’re good to go!  Don’t forget the butter!





child-robotCute Robot:

You can really get creative with this cute robot costume! Use bits from all sorts of stuff you likely have lying around the house to create your “gadgets.”  Gather up a half-dozen knick-knacks, some paint, some hot glue, a couple of boxes, and you’ve got an excellent robot – great for boys and girls!




child-airplaneAirplane Costume:

For the budding aviator, hook them up with an awesome airplane costume! Get a couple of boxes, some wooden dowels, a Styrofoam ball, a bit of paint, and you’ve got the makings of an airplane box costume.  To dress things up, an aviator’s cap and goggles will have your little one flying high!  (You should also be able to make a space in the box for them to stash their Halloween loot!)





For the Grown-ups

adult-iphoneiPhone Costume:

This one just requires a box, some paint, and an ink-jet printer to print some icons. All you have to worry about are folks trying to push your buttons! There are all sorts of iPhone-style icons available for free on the internet, but here is a link to some that will get you started. Free iPhone-style Icons




child-adult-knightCardboard Knight:

Ok, so the web link above is in Russian… but, lots of different ways to translate the page automatically if you need to. This costume could be used for an adult or a child. Just grab some boxes, a pair of scissors or a utility knife, and get cutting. All you need are a handful of zip ties to strap it all together. In the photo, it hasn’t been painted, but we’re sure you can come up with some cool designs for your Knight… or print them out on your ink-jet printer.




adult_ken-barbieBarbie & Ken Dolls:

Here’s a great “couples” costume… pretty much just a couple of big boxes and some paint. Of course, Ken needs a suit and Barbie needs a sparkly gown. But, other than that, this one should be easy as pie!





adult-roman-soldierRoman Soldier:

This one is a bit more involved, but it looks great! With a few items you can mostly find at a dollar store, you can have a fantastic looking Roman Soldier costume. Get a couple of boxes for cutting up, and you’ll need to accessorize a bit, but you’ll be ready for battle in no time and for just a few bucks!  And, of course, you can down-size this for a child if you want to.





child-adult-tardisDoctor Who’s TARDIS:

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, what better Halloween costume than going as the TARDIS! Mainly just get the biggest cardboard box you can find and some blue paint. We recommend you go all-out with it and add a light on top! As all true Doctor Who fans know, TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. Here’s another take on the costume with a bit more detail. This costume works for adults and children.  Sonic Screwdriver not included!




adult-optimus-primeOptimus Prime:

Probably the most elaborate cardboard box costume we’ve seen… Optimus Prime. Although it is made out of mostly cardboard, you’ll still need some serious accessory items to make it work. But, it you’re a big Transformers fan, it will certainly be worth plunking a few extra bucks down at the dollar store. Unfortunately, you can’t transform into an eighteen-wheeler. If you could, you’d certainly be the hit of the party!




Let’s Not Forget the Furry Ones!

We certainly can’t leave out the furry members of our family. Though most cats are too smart to sit still long enough to dress them up in anything, you might get lucky… otherwise; these costumes are for dogs. Here are a couple of costumes for pets that you can make from cardboard!

dog_at-atStar Wars AT-AT:

Now, we don’t recommend trying this with a cat… but, if you have a calm doggie like Bones Mello, you might want to give this a whirl. The ultimate in Star Wars fanage. Here is a link to the construction process. And, you can like Bones on Facebook, as he is a public figure. 😉



dog_tacoDoggie Taco:

This one is a combination of cardboard and felt. But, hey, looks yummy!




Happy Halloween!

The folks at Tellus Self Storage want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! Here are a few more resources for getting together the best Halloween costume ever! And, don’t take any unwrapped candy, kiddies!

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