RVs and Campers Storing

Categories: Hattiesburg Facilities

The beautiful Mississippi Pine Belt offers many fantastic places to use an RV or camper. Some homeowner associations prohibit you from parking your RV in your front yard. Or you have issues with thieves or rodents in your area breaking into your RV. Perhaps you don’t want your RV to be damaged by an upcoming storm. Maybe you don’t want the stress of worrying about the pipes on your RV freezing or bursting during winter. A simple fix to these situations is to rent a storage unit with us at Tellus Self Storage Oak Grove. Before you rent a unit, here are some things you should know about.
Remove any foods from your RV. You don’t want your RV to smell foul when you take it back out of storage. Try to sweep up any crumbs and wipe your fridge too.
We have DVR surveillance cameras and an electronic gate, so your RV should be safe from theft.
You don’t want to come back to your RV full of mold and mildew. RVs are known for maintaining moisture if it’s not ventilated. Clean up anything wet, like towels, clothes, spills, or sinks.
Drain the water system in the plumbing, so the pipes don’t freeze or burst
Have your tires properly inflated
Use WD-40 to keep moving parts fresh
Add a fuel stabilizer to make your fuel last longer
Turn off propane & gas sources.
Remove the battery and store it in a place with a cold temperature
Clean the exterior to protect the vehicle’s paint from salt and dirt.
Be sure to cover your RV insurance.
Now that you’re aware of some of the details to keep your RV nice and ready for an outdoor outing. Swing by Tellus Self Storage Oak Grove and store your RV today!