Boatson Outside: A tale of a lone Boat living outdoors

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Boatson Outside: A tale of a lone Boat living outdoors

Once upon a time in a land not so far away sat a boat; his name was Boatson and he loved being in the water. He longed for days past that were full of exploration out on the water, basking in the warm rays of the sun. It had been a great long time since last he was out; he lived on land now. His days are spent sitting on the front yard of the human who used to take him on wondrous adventures, but, now he grows plants. Did you know that boats who sit on land too long turn green? This was happening to Boatson, he hated it. His human never takes him anywhere and he is now becoming a part of the vegetation. Poor Boatson, left as an un-moving fixture in the front yard, at one with the plants.

If this sounds like a boat you know, please do something. No boat deserves to become a lawn ornament. Call Tellus Self Storage and find the Boat Storage Facility closest to you. Protect your investment. Save a boat life.

Boat Storage


**Update on Boatson, his human saw this message and has since moved him. He’s been de-greened and cleaned and even spent a day out on the water. Now he happily sits in a rather large enclosed storage unit. Safe from plants and happily dreaming of the great blue yonder.