Why you should choose Tellus Self Storage St Petersburg FL

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If you’re in the St Petersburg FL area and in need of Climate Control Storage we’ve got the perfect place. Here’s an article by our Property Manager Alan Rust as to why you should choose Tellus Self Storage St. Petersburg.

Tellus Self Storage St Petersburg

Alan writes:

Why should I choose Tellus Self Storage St Pete?

I’m sure this is a question that comes to mind when looking at all the different self-storage facilities that are available.  What it comes down to is different for everyone… Price is a factor to consider, but it is not always slated at the top, number 1 position on everyone’s list for what they look for.  The saying “you get what you pay for” comes to mind.

Instead of the obvious, the Price, lets looks at what other factors are important when looking storage facilities to do business with and why Tellus – St Pete becomes the choice for most.


With our location in the near north area of St Petersburg, we are uniquely and conveniently located near many homes in the area.  All of our units are located under one roof, on the ground level in a climate-controlled brick building for easy access.  Most of the units are even carpeted giving it the feel of a room in a house. So, it’s like we are your next-door neighbor that you store your excess stuff with.


We take pride in our client services and work hard to be a step above our competition.  We value building relationships with our clients by giving a level of service that goes beyond what our competitors do.  As part of our client offerings we offer a package/delivery receiving service. During business hours we will receive your packages and place them in your secure unit for you to pick up at your convenience.  This allows for peace of mind knowing that you package is safe and handled by an actual person.

Network of Industry Professionals

Though storing with us, you will have access to a network of professionals that we feel have the same exacting standards as we do.  Most of the professionals on our list are proven and have been referred by other clients such as yourself from conducting business with them recently.  This list is continuously updated and made current for your peace of mind from feedback by individuals such as yourself.

These are but a few of the reasons why Tellus Self Storage St Pete is set apart from others in the industry.

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