Creepy stuff to make from packing materials

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Ghost pic 1

Halloween is upon us! Being in the self-storage business, we’ve realized you can make lots of creepy Halloween stuff from packing materials. Coffins out of cardboard boxes, webs from string, among other things. Heck, you could write a book just on the things you can make out of cardboard boxes. Normally, packing tape is what you use to tape all that stuff together. Here is another use for packing tape… making ghostly figures!

Items needed:

  • Lots of clear packing tape
  • Wig head
  • Tomato cage
  • Tailor’s bodice
  • Garbage bags (clear)

Cover the wig head and tailor’s bodice in packing tape. Sticky side out, at first, then cover with another layer of tape, sticky side in. That way it will slip off the head and bodice while keeping its shape. You may have to cut it a little at the back to get it to slip off easily then just tape up the cut you made.

Set your newly created ghost head on top of the tomato cage and secure it with – more TAPE! After you’ve done that, drape clear garbage bags around the bottom of the tomato cage. At this time you can place glow sticks or some other sort of small light within the cage to illuminate the clear overlay. Drape material or more garbage bags over her head and shoulders to create a more eerie appearance.

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Ghost 2 pic

Ghost 3 pic