Disc Locks: Why are they so important.

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Why are disc locks so important?? In this article we will discuss a few key reasons why you should use disc locks.

Disc Locks an overview

Self StorageDisc locks were originally created specifically for storage units. They are much safer than regular pad locks. They are designed with only a small opening in the shackle, which makes cutting the lock very difficult. Disc locks are designed to be used in any type of climate. They are stainless steel, which keeps the lock from rusting due to rain or humidity. They are designed with three small holes in the body of the lock to allow the water to drain out in case it gets wet.

Disc locks are also made not only for storage but also for other uses, such as tool boxes, sheds, trailer boxes, and much more. They are also inexpensive, to insure everyone can get one. If your belongings are worth storing then they are worth spending an extra 10.00 to make sure they are safe as possible.

They come with two or three keys. You can also purchase blank keys from the office if you need to get extra keys made. Tellus self-storage provides disc locks and other moving supplies you can purchase to make your move simple and quick. Tellus sales boxes of all sizes, mattress covers, wrapping paper and much more.

Be sure to consider Tellus Self Storage for all of your self storage needs. Aside from disc locks we also offer the use of our Free Move-In Truck.

Disc Lock Tutorials

Don’t forget to follow these quick tips to ensure your lock is on properly.

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