Grayson Valley Store All aids tornado victims in Alabama

Categories: Community Service, Self-Storage

A storm system produced a tornado that moved across northern Jefferson County around 3:30 a.m., causing damage in Oak Grove, Graysville, Fultondale, Center Point, Clay, Trussville and Center Point.┬áNo property damage estimate is ready since officials are still focusing on search-and-rescue, but the destruction was “extensive.”

As of 5:30 a.m., there were 48,750 Alabama Power customers in the dark. The majority of those-43,100-are in the greater Birmingham area, said spokeswoman Hallie Bradley.

Grayson Valley Store All in Birmingham, AL is open and offering 1 month of FREE storage to all local storm victims. We want to help our community get back on it’s feet, if you need assistance with storing your belongings please contact Grayson Valley Store All to reserve your free month of storage today.

Discounted rates will apply after first month of free storage, call 205-655-0122 to hear our specials. The facility is at 5791 Chalkville Road on Chalkville Rd/CO Rd 10.