How to store paintings – Art storage tips

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If you’re thinking about storing artwork, like painting we’ve got some tips that might come in handy.

Preparing Art for storage

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The first thing you’ll want to do is wrap your artwork. This can be one of two ways, with the frame or without. Here are the basics of how to secure your art  before storage:

  • Framed Artwork: There are two steps that you should take when packing your framed artwork.
    • First: Pad the front and back of the frame with hardboard or plywood, this will prevent damage to the artwork in the unfortunate event of dropping or having other items fall.
    • Second: Once you’ve secured the front and back of the frame you’ll want to wrap the entire thing with either bubble wrap or a moving / storage blanket.
  • Unframed Artwork:
    • First: use archival paper or silicone release paper to cover the canvas.
    • Second: Wrap the entire canvas with glassine paper, this will protect the artwork. Don’t settle for wax paper or parchment paper, these are treated papers and will more than most likely cause damage to your artwork after prolonged storage.
    • Third: Secure hardboard to the front and back of the artwork then wrap with bubble wrap or moving / storage blanket. Secure with tape to prevent movement.

Type of Storage Unit

Always choose Climate Controlled storage for anything that you’d normally store in your home. And if you think the price just isn’t worth it, check out this article about Self Storage Misconceptions.