Is Your Home Ready For The Change In Season?

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Old weather folklore says, “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.”

That’s to say that the rough start to the month will balance out into a gentle, warm spring as we lead into April.

  • Clear The Pantry & Fridge
    • No mop and bucket is required. Before your next visit to the grocery store, take some time to go through and identify expired or otherwise unwanted products that have taken up residence in your kitchen. 
  • Clean Those Screen & Monitors
    • Your TV screen can be a magnet for dust and fingerprints. You probably look at it every day and mean to fix it, but by then, you’re already sitting comfy in your favorite chair! Use an appropriate screen cleaner solution and a clean rag to safely clean smudges and dust from your TV screens and monitors.
  • Plan Out Your Spring Cleaning Schedule
    • A little planning goes a long way. Work up a game plan to address all parts of your home’s cleaning needs, including delegation to family members where appropriate – so you can enjoy a clean home without doing all the work yourself. That should include scheduling an electrical safety inspection. 
  • Setting Up
    • With warmer weather, set some chairs on the patio to relax while enjoying the fresh air. You could also bring out items like birdhouses, windchimes, rugs, tables, and outdoor sofas. 
  • Gardening
    • Now is a perfect time to redo your garden for this season. Cleaning the flowerbed, dividing perennials, adding fresh mulch, performing maintenance on hardscaping, and planting vegetables are good ways to get started on your garden for the new season. 

Update your home for the spring with some of these ideas. A storage unit from Tellus Self Storage can also help create space in your home for some new ideas. 


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