What is a Mattress Cover?

Categories: Moving, Self-Storage

If you’re going to be storing your Mattress, you should seriously consider using a mattress cover. Here’s why. . .

Mattress storage

What is a Mattress Cover?

In its simplest terms a mattress cover is a cover for your mattress. Think of this as a book cover. It serves the same function, protecting from the outside world and unforeseen damages. Mattress covers are made out of either plastic or fabric, for self storage usage we recommend the plastic covers. The cover will slip over or sit on top of the mattress, this barrier of sorts serves two purposes described in below.

Why should I use a Mattress Cover?

There are two major reasons to use a mattress cover:

Reason One: Dust, Mold & Mildew

Storage units aren’t usually airtight, which means that air will be moving through your unit at some point, even if you have a non-climate storage unit. The air carries dust particles, which over time can build up. Creating a nice layer of dusty ick on your items. Additionally when dust builds up if there is moisture below mold will start to grow.

Reason Two: Pests

While a mattress cover won’t in any way guarantee that you will have an invisible barrier between pests and your item, it will act as a deterrent. If there are other pests in the area the simple act of having a mattress cover could render your items uninteresting. Read more about how furniture covers can help prolong the life of your items in storage here: Pest Control Furniture Covers

Where can I get Mattress Cover?

Many of our Tellus Self Storage facilities sell these covers, you can also go online or to your local big box store and find them. A few things to remember:

  • Get the right size: a cover that is too big or too small might cause other issues
  • Be mindful of placement in your unit, you don’t want to spend the time and money investing in a cover only to have it break when loading up your storage unit.
  • Find the cover that best suits your needs. Furniture covers come as both plastic and cloth, do your homework and find the right type of cover for your storage needs. A few dollars spent up front can save you hundreds in the future.