Most Popular Storage Items

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There are a variety of items that can go into storage. If you’re unsure about what you should put in a storage unit, here is a list of some popular things people put into storage.

  • Electronics
  • With new video game consoles, printers, computers, TVs, radios, and other devices releasing every few years, you’ll eventually run out of space on your entertainment stand. Instead of having your old devices lying around, taking up space, and collecting dust, a storage unit is an excellent place for electronics.
  • Furniture
    • Instead of tossing your old furniture out to the curb, why not keep it in storage until your kids get their own place?
    • You could even keep furniture there while moving in between homes.
  • Books
    • Books are timeless and carry tremendous value, you’ll definitely want these to last a long time, and a storage unit is an excellent option for storing books.
    • For book lovers with an extensive collection and not a lot of space, it’s hard to imagine selling or giving the books away.
    • Our college students could keep their books in storage while waiting to sell them over the years.
  • Vehicles
    • Protect your vehicle by storing it instead of leaving it outside to get damaged by the weather and other environmental hazards. Storage will help stop the vehicle from decreasing in value.
    • Storage is also an option to help declutter your yard from an RV.
    • Keep your vintage cars safe and ready for events such as Cruisin’ the Coast.
  • Seasonal Item
    • Instead of throwing away your Christmas tree and other d├ęcor, how about saving time and money by storing it for next year?
    • You could even place Halloween costumes in storage as well.
    • Don’t forget your summer seasonal goods like camping gear, sporting equipment, kayaks, etc.

Now that you know what to store, it’s time to get started storing at Tellus Self Storage.