‘I need more storage’ – Overview of self storage as a storage solution at Tellus Self Storage Forney TX

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Overview of the solutions to storage needs…

Tellus Self Storage ForneyAlbeit there is no absolute equation to ascertain the needs when it comes to storing there are some helpful guidelines to make the process more expedient, efficient, as well as economic.

Why am I needing to store?  The answer is obviously the first step. There is usually a small number of reasons. Selling or buying a home that requires a complete move and perhaps storing on a temporary basis. Overstock or warehousing material for business enterprises.  Dissolution of a relationship as so poignantly described in Tammy Wynettes’s immortal ballad.  Surplus of stuff (SOS), life usually expands your possessions beyond your capacity to store them at home. Typically, these are the main reasons you need extra space. Others include renovations, damage from fire or storms, deaths, HOA rules and prohibitions.  Each circumstance can have unique considerations, a written plan will help you identify them.

Assessing your storage solution likely is a combination of your storage facilities expertise and best practices along with your realistic input of your individual needs. Professional storage companies can provide helpful recommendations you can trust and rely on. Congratulations, if your reading this then you have already found the right company.

Devise a plan – one you commit to in writing, anything is better than nothing. A written outlay of “to do” helps you track your thoughts which in turn leads to logical “next steps.”  A plan is your friend and randomness are a formidable foe in the process. Organization is the epitome of problem solving in storing, packing, and moving.

A plan template can go as follows:  when will I undertake the move and how much time do I need or have. What method will I utilize to move my belongings, will I use movers or do it myself, again you’re in luck! We offer free use of a moving truck. What packing material should I get, i.e., boxes, pads, tape, hand trucks etc.

A storage plan must include a packing plan…the packing plan equates to preservation of your treasured possessions. You need to think no further than the 1970’s American Tourister ad campaign that featured a large gorilla taking the durability of the luggage to task.  Incidentally that wasn’t a real gorilla rather a man in a costume which drives home the point that people can overlook the “Handle with Care” marking or mistake “Fragile” with a frozen French coffee. Fatigue from moving boxes and tubs also takes its toll which sometimes leads to mishandling. The name of the packing game starts with adequate containers which are suitable for the job.

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