Organize Resolution

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How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If your resolution this year is to be clean and organized, then this blog is for you.

For those with a room that essentially acts as a storage room, if you clean it up and organize it, you might have an extra room for a guest or a new office. A way to make space in a room is to go vertical with your space instead of horizontal. Use dressers, nightstands, and cabinets that build up tall instead of wide to preserve space. Use a TV you can mount on a wall so it doesn’t take up your dresser space. Use plastic bins for supplies, electronics, books, or shoes and stack them up or place them under the bed.

Give away or sell anything that you don’t plan on using again. Donating to Goodwill, having a yard sale, or selling unwanted items online are good ways to get rid of stuff. Label your boxes and containers to save time by knowing what’s in each box/container without opening it.

Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and cabinets should be tightened by throwing away expired products. Kitchens are known for having fancy plates and cups that never get used, and food that doesn’t get eaten can clutter your kitchen. Storing appliances, tableware, utensils, and duplicate items is an excellent way to declutter your kitchen. Install open shelves if possible. The shelves would be a great spot for spices, cups, plates, jars, & vases.

Since living rooms are the largest room in most homes, tons of storable items are bound to be lying around. While moving things around, now would be a fantastic time to clean as you go to get rid of any dust or dirt. Overdoing it with the decorations can take up space and make your living room feel smaller.

You can keep your car organized by adding little pockets behind the front two seats. These pockets are suitable for holding documents, magazines, video game devices, car tv remotes, trash, CDs, etc. Leaving a small trash bag in your car is a good way to ensure that any messes will be cleaned up immediately.

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