Pest Control – Furniture Cover

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Have you ever thought of using a furniture cover when placing items into storage? If you’re taking the time to store your furniture you owe it to yourself to store them properly. A furniture cover is exactly what your mattress and couches need.

self Storage furniture cover

What is a Furniture cover?

Furniture covers are usually plastic and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Most of our Tellus Self Storage facilities carry these covers for purchase. You can also shop for them at most retail stores or online. Similar to outdoor furniture covers the purpose of a furniture cover is to protect against elements.


Why use a Furniture Cover?

This is a question that gets asked often and well, to be honest, it is a bit silly to think that a thin piece of plastic can really add that much protection but it does. Having a barrier between the furniture and elements helps maintain its structural integrity. In addition to proving a rodent and pest hinderance, you’re also protecting your furniture from dust and dirt which can build up over time in a storage unit.


How do I use a Furniture Cover?

While this might seem like a ridiculous question it is important to correctly and securely apply furniture covers. Especially to items such as mattresses. Make sure the size of your cover will completely encapsulate your item. When placing the cover on say a mattress you have to be careful not to rip or tear the furniture cover. Additionally, it is best to apply covers when moving items so you don’t get additional dust, dirt or grime on them in transit. With this in mind be sure to use your best judgement, if it makes more sense to apply the furniture cover once you’ve reached the storage unit then do so. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that if the cover is ripped, torn or damaged it won’t serve its intended purpose.

Furniture Cover, Always.

You’re taking the time to store your furniture so take that extra step to ensure you’ll have it once you move out of storage. When properly applied a simple furniture cover goes a long way in prolonging the life of your items.

Photo from UnsplashPhoto by Mitchell Gaiser