How you can improve Security at your Self Storage Facility

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Security is a very important, as a tenant there are a few things that you can do to help improve the security at your storage facility. Let’s take a look at them now. 

Why is Security your job? Shouldn’t it be the storage facilities?

The security of your storage facility lies with multiple parties, including you the tenant. Why? Because if you see something you should say something. In addition to this here are three things you can do to help ensure the security of your property.


Should you spot any lights that are out, missing, or malfunctioning tell your Property Manager. There is no way to tell when a light goes out, it could’ve been working that morning but then died by the time you got there at night. This is especially important for lights on the outside of the buildings and in the driveways.


Make sure that when you enter and exit the facility the doors close behind you. This is including but not limited to the climate control doors as well as the entry and exit gates. By ensuring that doors are closed properly you help prevent people from entering the facility or areas of the facility that they should not be in. Keep your gate codes safe and only share them with people who have access to your storage unit, or not at all.


Do not leave your trash around the property, it creates an opportunity for people who don’t belong to come in and take things. If you have larger items that you no longer want please talk to the Property Manager about where you can dispose of them. Keeping the property clean is a team effort and we appreciate your help with this.

Basically, all we are saying here is to be mindful of the environment. Report broken lights, doors or piles of trash that have been left behind. Especially if you are visiting the property on the weekend. Call our 800 number and leave a message if no one answers. We’ll get back to you as our Reservation Center is staffed with real people, no need to talk to robots.

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