Self-Storage made moving an exciting adventure rather than a time filled with stress and worry.

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My husband and I wanted to simplify our lives. This would include getting rid of unwanted and
unused items throughout our home and garage. We moved from a three (3) bedroom,
two (2) bathroom house with a mother-in-law dwelling behind the main house,

down to a two (2) bedroom,
two (2) bathroom apartment. We were losing more than 600 square feet! The process was exhausting
and to be honest, I didn’t think we’d ever get through it.

After considering out options on self storage units, we decided to get a 10’x10′ Climate Controlled unit to store some extra things we weren’t ready to let go of. This consisted of tools, a couple small pieces of furniture, camping equipment, family photos and keepsakes.
What a huge relief that was!

If you’re downsizing your life I would highly recommend getting a storage unit. It’s a comfort knowing our things
are safely stored in a climate controlled space, it’s as if we were keeping our things inside our own home.
We can get into our unit whenever we need to. This has allowed us to live in a space rid of clutter from
having to find a place for all the items stored. We had our cake and we could eat it too!

Find a Tellus Self Storage location near you today and simplify your life!!