Be smart when it comes to pest control

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Roaches, mice, rats OH MY! If you don’t enjoy paying rent for a family of rats, here’s what you must do. When getting a storage unit at a self-storage facility remember to NEVER store food. A forgotten bag of microwave popcorn, candy, beans, or uncooked pasta could serve has several meals for a hungry family of insects and/or rodents.

With all the rain the South has been experiencing it has made these food sources as well as a dry place to hang out and raise their young, very appealing to these creatures. Property managers do their best to keep unwanted critters out. However, if you leave it THEY WILL COME.

Unfortunately, facilities do not hold “town” meetings with the rodents or insects in the area, signing a do not enter contract with them. So, never store food or drinks in your units. Non climate as well as climate controlled units. This also includes spices, vitamins, teas, coffees, etc. They aren’t picky and will take it as an invitation.

Don’t forget that the best container for storage purposes is a plastic bin. We sell a variety of moving and packing supplies at our Tellus Self Storage Locations, including plastic storage bins. So, make sure you ask your facility manager!