Solar Eclipse Countdown – 2017

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Until August 21, 2017, 10 A.M.” /]

There are a lot of excited folks around the USA as people gear up to view the solar eclipse that will happen on Monday, August 21st this year. And, while it will not be a total solar eclipse for everyone, folks as far south as Florida will see the sun obscured by the moon’s shadow by as much as 95%! The last time anything resembling this happened in the United States was almost a hundred years ago on June 8, 1918. The 1918 solar eclipse followed a path that is similar to the one coming up, as it crossed the U.S. from Washington State down to Florida.

The next time we will see anything like this in the United States will be on October 14, 2023. That solar eclipse will be visible from Northern California down to Florida.

Always take necessary safety precautions for your eyes when viewing a solar eclipse. We have included some great links below. NASA’s website has pretty much all the information you could possibly want about safe viewing of the eclipse. has a great interactive map that will use your zip code to show you exactly what you can expect to see where you live.

Happy Viewing!

Visit NASA’s Eclipse 2017 Website

Visit’s Interactive Solar Eclipse Map.