Storage Auctions 101: How do Storage Auctions Work?

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When a storage unit goes delinquent, the storage company will sell off the contents of the unit to the highest bidder by hosting free auctions to the public.

Before bidding begins the storage units up for bid will be opened and the audience will receive a few minutes to see what is inside. It’s a good idea to take notes on what you can see inside the unit before bidding begins. Bidders are not allowed to handle or search through boxes as this is considered trespassing. All items may not be visible before the auction if the unit is full, so bidders never really know what they are getting until after the bidding is over.

The most common items are furniture, electronics, clothing and general household goods. Many bidders do find money, jewelry, antiques, tools, and collectibles at storage auctions.

At the end of the auction the highest bidder wins the entire content of the unit; the winner generally has 48 hours to remove the contents and sweep the unit. They will need to take everything in the unit including any junk or trash.

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    Does the owners of the storage facility get into the storage sheds prior to the auctions?

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