Self Storage Tips: Storing During The Winter

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Storing your belongings away for the winter in a self storage unit can provide extra space in your garage and home. As the first freeze and snowfall are already upon us, it’s good to take precautions to keep your items safe from some of the extreme winter temperatures. Here are some tips on proper winter storage.

Make sure all items are repaired and clean before putting them into storage – By the time you are ready to remove your property taking the time to repair it may be an inconvenience and might end up costing more to fix if you are in a hurry. Take the time to see that everything is in working order before storing it. Clean your outside tools to prevent rusting and drain your lawn mowers gas tank.

Use cotton covers, not tarps – Plastic tarps can lock in moisture and cause damage, use cotton or poly fabric moving blankets to protect your furniture.

Protect your boat, bikes and r.v.’s – Putting your summer toys into storage can provide protection from damage and theft as well as give you more space in your driveway for holiday guests.

Is a Climate Controlled Unit for you?

If you are looking to store antiques, musical equipment, computers, electronics, paperwork or other weather-sensitive items then renting a climate controlled storage unit is an excellent option to consider. Because our climate controlled units are located indoors there is a less chance of outside dirt and dust to be transferred indoor, which is good news for fragile antiques and items of sentimental value.

So if your items are costly, or irreplaceable, if you are going to pay to store them, it is best to store them with the storage professionals.

At Tellus Self Storage, “We Have Solutions For All Your Storage Needs” contact your Tellus self-storage manager for more information about climate controlled units and our other self-storage options.