How a Storage Unit can Save a Marriage

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(Tales from the front-lines of the self-storage industry.)

“I either need a storage unit or I need a DIVORCE!” she said into the phone. This was a desperate woman. She continued, “He has filled up both of our grown children’s rooms and the garage with antique crap! He just called me, just a moment ago, to tell me that he had ‘hit the jackpot’.”
Apparently, her husband had been to an estate sale where he purchased a full load of old tools. I could tell by this woman’s voice that this was not a funny or entertaining situation. Her sense of humor cup had filled and spilled over onto the floor. She was literally wading through rooms of dusty, old stuff.

I dutifully gave her the options: Our different unit sizes. Climate-controlled storage versus non-climate storage. I told her about all the moving and packing supplies we have available. We ultimately found a storage unit that best suited her needs, and by the end of our conversation she was laughing again.

Her light at the end of the tunnel came in the form of a 10’ x 20’ climate-controlled storage unit with a free move-in truck to boot! She was so happy she declared, “This storage unit saved my marriage!”

Glad to be of service, Ma’am.

The self-storage doctor is IN.

We may not be able to save your marriage, but we can help you with your storage needs. Give us a call at 1-800-773-6691 or visit our Locations Page to find a Tellus Self Storage facility near you!