Using the Full Potential of Storage

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There are many different sizes of storage units. If you accidentally rent a bigger unit than what you needed, fear not because you can still make the most of that extra space, especially with a climate-controlled storage unit. A storage unit can be helpful for things that aren’t being used in your house. Storage units are also an excellent option for inventory for businesses. Here’s how you can make the most out of your storage unit.


  • Measure everything you’re storing before deciding on what size unit to rent
  • Certain items, such as electronics, wine, clothing, furniture, metal, leather, photos, artwork, media, makeup, medicine, bikes, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and household appliances, need a climate-controlled unit to not get damaged
  • Rent a storage with 24-hour access, like Tellus Self Storage, so that you can retrieve or place your items in storage at any time.
  • Clean and dry all items before storing them
  • Remove all food from boats, RVs, and cars to prevent mold, odor, and bugs.
  • Purchase a good, sturdy lock for your storage
  • Label your boxes so that you know what’s inside and save the trouble of having to open them
  • Have an idea of if you plan to store long-term or short-term


  • Use plastic bins for items such as clothes and video games.
  • Plastic cabinet drawers can help you organize and save space in your unit
  • Businesses can stock inventory, tables, and chairs in storage to make room for more workspace
  • Stack boxes and bins vertically to make more room in your unit
  • Stack tires horizontally to decrease the chances of them deteriorating
  • Bubble wrap items that are fragile, and keep them low to the floor
  • Maintain a small walkway in your storage, so you’re not climbing over boxes just to grab your items.
  • Keep the items that you’ll use the most near the front of the unit
  • Store mirrors and frames standing on the end
  • Disassemble furniture and other large items to create more room

Make the most of your storage unit by storing with us at Tellus Self Storage today! We have multiple storage unit sizes that can fulfill your storage needs.